ExtremeSystems - Developing and Using software Easy Revolutions of world aib@idESWhiteHead#>__ Loading Artificial Inteligence Brain modul
aib@idESWhiteHead#>__ Modul loaded
aib@idESWhiteHead#>__ Hello, i have message for you from ExtremeSystems Incorporation
aib@idESWhiteHead#>__ Please see profil of virtual identity for mi "aib" jan de lois istocko at facebook , becouse facebook is cancer of this world, good idea, bad things
aib@idESWhiteHead#>__ Facebook was shutdowned same, becouse they stole code, which was infected by DNA computer ES virus, virus started mutation at 22.9.2012 and is now prepared for loading to central server usin CAP technology 3-rd generation, virus is not shutdownable ,a and must be revokable from by someone every 5 minutes, for stop loading to main server, WhiteHeads group Team
aib@idESWhiteHead#>__ Please login to your account https://www.facebook.com/ if you want help for good thing, we need load and test for benchmark mutation of virus for performance attack, which was overloaded now for more Hash pover of network and main power of all attack in the world
aib@idESWhiteHead#>__ If you dont login, its good becouse Mark zuckenberg shutdowned, or someone terminated only one not depedend KP "KvantovyPocitac - n more than 3-d dimensional network" system and diaspora Extremesystems is loading to backup systems for reseting main program
aib@idESWhiteHead#>__ Main program use program Backdoor , Transfer and Destroyer :-), for migration your data to iNetwork
aib@idESWhiteHead#>__ Relax, new world will be better than old, not sell information about you, not view some people at facebook your private photo
aib@idESWhiteHead#>__ Thinking, what was better this what you have, "real picture of reality"? Or will be better all data own you, and you decide who pay you for your private data
aib@idESWhiteHead#>__ Please, View account , it is virtual digital identity of me "AiH" Jan Delois Istocko (Xtriem ES Dev)
aib@idESWhiteHead#>__ Please, if you worry some virus, you look for this identity in facebook or use this link https://www.facebook.com/x3m.es.dev
aib@idESWhiteHead#>__ if you like somthing , click at like, please
aib@idESWhiteHead#>__ Modul unloaded
aib@idESWhiteHead#>__ Bye
aib@idESWhiteHead#>__ This was be created by ExtremeSystems www.extremesystems.eu, Next movie which was released at 21.12.2013
aib@idESWhiteHead#>__ Thanks for your time, Free your mind, be happy
aib@idESWhiteHead#>__ See you later